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What are cloud services?

ICT in educational establishments is no longer a standalone subject for study, but central to performance improvement. Today's learners demand access to technology despite budgetary pressures. This is where cloud services can help, providing a flexible alternative to running your ICT locally in your establishment. This will reduce equipment costs significantly, increase service levels and allow you to maintain control.

Cloud-delivered services are about moving infrastructure out of the school and putting it into a secure, shared location where you can access it as and when you need it. You can then pay by subscription rather than outlaying capital to buy equipment upfront and support in your school. You can benefit from accessing learning on any Internet-enabled device without having to manage it locally.

You don't have to do this all in one go, it's a journey to the cloud. You might already be on the way e.g. Internet-hosted learning platforms or email.

How does the cloud help to reduce my costs?

RM Education's cloud services give you the chance to reduce your overall ICT costs and fund out of revenue instead of capital budget.

Reduction in capital expenditure: Because cloud services use hardware and software provided in secure managed data centres, you don't have to spend your capital budget on infrastructure in your school.

Reduced on-site support: We manage the technology for you, carrying out all system maintenance on your behalf, so you can concentrate your staff on teaching and learning.

Cost-effective operations: You decide when to add capacity, therefore you only pay for what you need. And this could be flexible throughout the year. You also benefit from the economies of scale of a service which is delivered from a shared location.

Greener ICT service: Because of the economies of scale, the carbon-footprint is lower. And because it's hosted centrally your electricity bills and carbon-footprint will be reduced. 

What does this mean for the type of ICT service I can provide?

Cloud services make your network more accessible, more secure and more efficient.

Flexibility: Cloud services are elastic. You can buy what you need, when you need it and access from a range of Internet-enabled devices including those that traditionally you would have consided out-of-date.

Increased reach and efficiency: Cloud services allow applications and digital content to be used around the clock from any device in any location with an Internet connection. Allowing you to include the wider community, including governors and parents - if you want to.

Improved security: Cloud services make it easier to ensure that only the people you choose have access to your data. Centralising the storage of your data means that it is covered by our enhanced security services, making it even safer - moving responsibility from your establishment to RM Education.

Future-proofing: With cloud services we invest in keeping the technology up-to-date so that you don't have to.

Why use RM Education for cloud services?

Cloud services are a significant change, or are they? In fact we've been doing it for years.

RM Education cloud services already support over 5 million users through the RM Learning Platform, Glow - the world's first national intranet for education, RM Easymail and Integris Management Information Systems. RM Education uses technology from major suppliers, including Microsoft, Google, Cisco, EMC, VMware and Citrix to ensure our solutions are built on the industry-leading components.

We are a major supplier of broadband services to education, ensuring that you can get the best value and have fast and reliable access.

Along with our educational and technical services, we will use your existing school development plan, to tailor the design and delivery of cloud services to integrate with your existing ICT network.

What are our cloud services?

Cloud services are constantly evolving. There are a number of services already available and some are in development, these are detailed below. If you'd like to talk to us about a tailored solution for your school, please contact us.

Services include:

Cloud Applications

Cloud email

RM EasyMail Plus is an email service designed specifically for education Office 365 includes a cloud version of Microsoft's Exchange 2010 email service

Cloud MIS

Integris G2 is a cloud MIS that offers access to school information from the classroom, office or home, for teachers, pupils and their parents A service for hosting your server in the cloud

Learning Platform

Communication, collaboration, preparation, learning, teaching, publishing and reporting tools for students, teachers and parents all delivered as cloud services

Cloud curriculum resources

A range of online educationally focused curriculum resources
Cloud Systems Management

Cloud CC4 Store

Cloud CC4 Store works by enabling pupils and teachers to connect securely over the Internet to networked home and shared areas in the cloud. In this way, pupils can save work from any computer and access it again later from another. Pupils and teachers can still print locally and use any of the programs installed on their current computer.

CC4 Anywhere

A private cloud solution that enables you to access your CC4 network from anywhere with Internet access using almost any device

Community Connect Cloud

If you are considering cloud technologies because of the availability of access, or the potential to reduce the ongoing maintenance and software updates required on your school site, then Cloud CC4 will help your school make the transition.

This could involve having some cloud servers added to the network infrastructure, cloud storage, or the ability to access school or cloud based files and resources through CC4 Anywhere or through CC4 secure virtual desktop.

Cloud system monitoring

A service for use by school ICT technicians when more advanced cloud service options are used to help with planning.

Identity Management

A service for use by school ICT technicians when more advanced cloud service options are used to help with planning.Automatic creation, from data in your MIS, of usernames and passwords to be used with cloud services and other elements of your ICT services. This also provides the basis of single sign-on to all of your cloud services.

Cloud Security services

Web-filtering, email-filtering, firewalling and anti-virus services for cloud services to support eSafety.
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Virtual Servers

Windows and Linux servers but hosted in the cloud instead of on hardware in your premises.

Cloud Backup

Backup services ranging from files on your desktop to full backups of servers into the cloud removing the need for tape handling and backup devices on your premises.

Cloud Storage

Disk storage for use with your ICT network but hosted in the cloud instead of on storage devices such as disks, SANs and NAS in your premises

Private cloud

Build your own onsite highly available, highly scalable private cloud that can be used to serve your own requirements or to provide chargeable services to 3rd parties. Designed and built using industry leading components, RM can deliver a fully certified private cloud offering. This is a starting point for moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Through the use of on-site virtualisation technology we provide systems which can later be moved from your premises into the cloud when you are ready

Cloud telephone services

A private telephone exchange but hosted in the cloud instead of on hardware in your premises.
Cloud Consultancy

Cloud service consultancy

To be able to understand the benefits of using cloud services you need to be well informed about what is available and how it might help you. So along with the technology we provide consultancy services to assist you in designing the best solution for your establishment. We'll help you to:
  • Understand cloud technology and service levels and avoid any pitfalls
  • Work out how to use cloud services to do things more economically
  • Plan a move to cloud services at a pace which suits you

Broadband Services

We haven't forgotten that to use cloud services in your establishment, you need to be able to connect reliably, quickly and cheaply to the Internet. That's why we also provide high speed resilient Internet connections, priced according to your individual requirements

Don't just take our word for it. Look at what some of our customers are already doing. Case studies >

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