RM Math Aligned

RM Math Aligned

Grow Math Achievement with Online Curriculum, Interactive Tools and a Full-Featured Management System

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Product Overview
RM Math Aligned is a web-based digital curriculum for Middle School and High School Math. It includes over 4,000 lesson plans and activities that are all aligned to state and national standards.

Supports Whole-Class Teaching Using Interactive Whiteboards, Slates and Projectors

RM Math Aligned enables teachers to deliver lessons that are exciting, fast-paced and speak to all student learning styles resulting in improved student performance and test scores.  At its base core, RM Math Aligned enables schools and districts to elevate math instruction to a whole new level by providing over 4,000 interactive pre-made lessons and activities that engage and challenge student thinking while exposing them to new ideas and empowering them to be independent thinkers.  The program includes a diversity of content including activities from the award-winning Geometer's Sketchpad, Wolfram Mathematica, and RM Easiteach Next Generation, a well as interactive games.

The New Online Delivery Enhances the Dynamic Content by providing 24/7 Access

RM Math Aligned is the new online version of the previously-named RM Math Framework Edition.  By migrating to Internet delivery, RM Math Aligned is able to provide math educators with many exciting new features, including 24/7 access for students and teachers, up-to-the-minute alignment to state standards and common core standards, and the ability to assign activities for students to complete at home.

This online version provides administrators with many new benefits as well.  Since the content is virtually eliminated. 

User-Friendly Content Management System Enables Standards-Aligned Personalized Instruction

The content management system enables teachers to get the most out of their interactive technology.  Easy-to-use planning tools enable teachers to create highly differentiated curricula and to share best practices and exemplar courses and resources with colleagues.   The Virtual Learning Environment helps teachers search for content using keywords or state standards.  Built-in quizzes facilitate ongoing student assessment.  
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