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RM Easiteach Next Generation

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Product Overview
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RM Easiteach - Whole class taching software for every classroom
Free 30-day trial - Discover how easy it is to create and deliver engaging lessons with RM Easiteach - Download now
Easiteach Reader - A free, cut-down version of the software suitable for playing back activities - Find out more

A complete whole-class teaching and learning application which puts you in the driving seat for creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources. The tools are rich and powerful, but also easy to use, removing barriers and allowing you to make the most of your classroom hardware tools - compatible with any interactive whiteboard and a range of classpads, voting systems and multi-touch tables.

You can create and prepare resources well in advance of your lessons or use Easiteach as a high-end narration tool to support lessons.

RM Easiteach enables you to create personalized lessons and resources from scratch as well as access a wide range of curriculum-relevant professional content that can be used or adapted to suit your own needs.
You can also adapt colleagues and peers' ideas to develop your own innovative versions of their resources - activities can be shared easily on the RM Easilearn portal.

RM Easiteach has been designed to support all lessons and is useful in any educational setting, regardless of student age or ability. Both teachers and students can use the tools provided to create multi-modal activities that can include animation, video, sound, text, numbers and hyperlinks all on one page.

The easily-accessible toolbars and widgets allow you to work quickly in creating whole-class teaching activities to fit with your learning objectives. Activities can then be exported as jpegs, pdfs or Common File Format (.iwf) files, which can be opened, edited and saved across many different whiteboard applications so that content can be exchanged between establishments.

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Free 30-day trial - Discover how easy it is to create and deliver engaging lessons with RM Easiteach - Download now

The software has a new and improved design, providing intuitive navigation and bringing the tools you love most to the forefront of the application. A range of new features including built-in widgets and multimedia assets in a range of topic areas will help to fuel your ideas and bring lessons to life.

Previous versions of RM Easiteach provided modular toolsets, giving subject specific tools as optional extras, but now all of the key tools and widgets are available with a single license. For example you are now free to use the cloze tool to create engaging lesson content in any subject, not just English.

RM Easiteach Next Generaton can now export to the whiteboard common file format, so activities can be shared among many different applications - in different establishments or even countries. We've launched a content portal too, so you can easily share what you create with others - or use their ideas as inspiration.

Free 30-day trial - Discover how easy it is to create and deliver engaging lessons with RM Easiteach - Download now

If you like words more than pictures you might want to read through our list of key features - but for anyone who prefers to see things in action, take a look at our feature videos below.
Alternatively, why not download our 30-day free trial and try some of them out for yourself?

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RM Easilearn content portal

RM Easilearn is an online space that you can regularly visit to download resources, get latest product updates, chat and share ideas with other users, and feedback on the functionality and features within our software products - including RM Easiteach and RM Fuse Creator.

You can save any RM Easiteach resources that you have found into your own collections and organize these into folders as you like. When you return to RM Easilearn and login these entries will be available to you in the My Collection area.

Visit RM Easilearn »

RM Easiteach Reader

RM Easiteach Lite is a free player, with limited features (such as word wallet and annotation pens), that allows users to open and view documents created using RM Easiteach Next Generation.

Download Lite for Windows PC » [63MB]

RM Easiteach 3.5 Compatibility

To access your original RM Easiteach files in RM Easiteach Next Generation, download RM Easiteach 3.6, which incorporates the .iwb format, the Common File Format, allowing you to open your files in RM Easiteach Next Generation.
For more details on the compatibility and functionality transfer click here [pdf].

Download RM Eastiteach 3.5 to 3.6 Upgrade for Windows PCs » [5MB]

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