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Grades K-12
CODiE 2011 Winner
Allow your students to display and extend their creativity, using audio as a means of expression.  Creating a podcast has never been easier.  Teachers and students of any age can easily script, create, edit, and publish podcasts to their district or school website in minutes.

Script Tool Supports Writing
RM Podium is podcasting software that is designed specifically for education.  It includes tools that are not available in most generic retail podcasting software.  Most importantly, it is easy to learn and easy to use.  

Students can simply record a podcast, or use the innovative scripting tool which allows them to paste in existing text onto the interface or type in their own.  If multiple actors or announcers are involved, the scripting is color-coded for each participant, who is prompted by an arrow when it is their turn to speak.  Students can easily edit their work, and add sound effects or music anywhere in the body of the recording.

Built-in Publish and Promote
Podium makes it easy to share your podcast with the world.  Simply click the Publish button to create a unique URL that can be copied into iTunes for anyone to download.  Click the promote button to generate an e-mail to share the podcast's URL with listeners around the world.

Add Video to Your Podcasts
Podium now supports video.  You and your students can create, edit, publish, and promote video podcasts quickly and easily from the same simple interface.  Enrich your podcasts by adding video or a series of images to a dedicated video track.  Populate your video track by importing an existing video or image file or create a new one by recording directly onto the track using Podium's built-in video capture feature.


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