RM Sonica

RM Sonica

Accelerate Language Acquisition for ELL Students

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Product Overview
Get your English Language Learners listening, speaking, reading and writing on their feet throughout a range of highly interactive activities ideal for both individual and whole-class environments.

Teach English in a Real-World Context

RM Sonica is innovative software designed specifically to help teachers bring English language teaching into their classrooms.  RM Sonica provides over 180 highly motivating activities presented in real-world settings.  Designed to encourage students to develop a love of English language learning at an early age, RM Sonica takes into account multiple learning styles, helping to build the confidence of every student and pushing the boundaries of kinesthetic learning.  Students can practice listening and responding with interactive presentations while identifying and learning with the Sonica family who are used throughout the program.

Designed for Whole-Class or Individual Instruction

RM Sonica is designed for use with any brand of interactive device:  whiteboard, slate or projector.  Each activity can also be used to reinforce skills learned, with students accessing them individually.  RM Sonica includes a dance mat and interactive games and activities to instantly engage even the most reticent of learners.

Easy-to-Use Management System Supports Race to the Top Goals

RM Sonica includes a flexible management system that enables teachers to personalize lessons and assessments to the needs of each student and to maintain the data that will record student achievement.  Specifically, RM Sonica's management system allows teachers to:
  • Search for appropriate resources and assign them to specific students using the lesson planning tool
  • Access built-in assessments or create their own tests
  • Monitor student progress through the automatic capture of assessment results
  • Generate reports for each student and each assessment

Spanish Language Support Version Available

RM Sonica is available in an English-only version for full immersion or a version in which all instructions are in Spanish.  The Spanish-support version also includes an audio/visual dictionary with over 1,000 Spanish to English (and vice-versa) words.  Each word can be searched easily by unit or alphabetically.
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