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Chiswick Community School

CC4 provides increased flexiblity at Chiswick Community School

Neal Harris, Network Manager at Chiswick Community School, and his team of technicians are responsible for the smooth running of a network of over 500 computers
RM Maths

Liverpool Local Authority use RM Maths to help under-performing pupils

Liverpool LA ran a project with selected schools to look at Year 6 pupils who were under-performing in maths to see if their performance could be improved through the use of RM Maths and targeted support. The focus was on helping pupils reach their full potential by building their confidence and enjoyment of maths to subsequently improve attainment.
Hazelwick School

ICT Partnership in Action - Hazelwick School & RM Education

The possibilities offered by ICT are ever increasing. To exploit today's technology fully, schools and colleges, and dedicated ICT providers such as RM must maintain a partnership to evolve effective solutions together. We speak to Assistant Head Teacher and ICT Manager, Peter Haynes at Hazelwick school, to learn more.
Blyth Spartans Playing for Success Centre

Community Connect 4, an efficient network for Blyth Spartans Playing for Success Centre

Blyth Spartans Playing for Success Centre is a study support facility serving the whole of Northumberland. Mark Lillico, the Centre Manager, is responsible for ICT at the Blyth Spartans.
Gosbecks Primary School

CC4 - "I'd definitely recommend it!"

Community Connect 4 (CC4) is the latest evolution of the UK's leading networking solution for education. Developed by RM following feedback from existing Community Connect 3 customers, CC4 provides a flexible and secure network that can be personalised to meet the needs of your school. So how exactly can CC4 make life easier for everyone - for you, your teaching staff, your learners and your ICT team? Read on to find out how schools like yours are using CC4.

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