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The Abbey School and CC4 Anywhere

The Abbey School and CC4 Anywhere

Have a look at our video case study to see the positive impact CC4 is having at The Abbey School.
Published 21 March 2011
CC3 and CC4 ready?

Are you CC3 and CC4 network ready?

Chris Mundy, Head of Product Development for RM Hardware, explains how to make the most of RM's CC3 and CC4 ready PCs and notebooks and what advantages that brings to Community Connect users.
Published 03 March 2011
Oldfield School - A lesson in leasing

Oldfield School - A lesson in leasing

RM Rentals provided the solution Oldfield School needed to create a sustainable program of ICT procurement. Oldfield is an outstanding school, according to their Ofsted inspection in 2007. So how did they achieve this, and how has leasing helped?
Published 17 November 2010
Dalziel High School

Community Connect 4 at Dalziel High School

Dalziel High School in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire has recently installed Community Connect 4. Watch the film they created on why they chose RM Education, how the install went and what they would say to other schools considering CC4.
Published 13 October 2010
St. Columba's Catholic Boys' School

An easy upgrade from CC3 to CC4

St. Columba's in Bexleyheath, has been an RM Education customer for a long time, starting with an RM 2.4 network and then upgrading to Community Connect 3, so it was a natural progression to upgrade to Community Connect 4. St Columba's has been an RM Pioneer School for almost 5 years now and enjoy their close working relationship with RM Education.
Published 25 June 2010

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