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Greener ICT at De Montfort University

Greener ICT at De Montfort University

IT and communications technology at De Montfort University is constantly being refreshed, reviewed and updated and now their technology is going green!
Published 21 September 2007
Monkston primary school

A Pupil Laptop Scheme in Action

On a sunny day in July 2007 we visited Monkston Primary School. On the outside it looks like almost any other primary school, but don't be deceived as the approach taken to teaching and learning in their Year 4 classes is quite unique.
Published 12 September 2007
Keswick School - building a network

Keswick School - building a network

When your catchment area is some 35km2 in diameter, spanning lakes, mountain ranges and more, creating a community between yourself and your feeder schools is hardly going to be easy - let alone creating a cutting-edge regional network.
Published 15 March 2006
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