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Keswick School - building a network

Keswick School - building a network

When your catchment area is some 35km2 in diameter, spanning lakes, mountain ranges and more, creating a community between yourself and your feeder schools is hardly going to be easy - let alone creating a cutting-edge regional network.
Published 15 March 2006
RM Maths

RM Maths software: Individual Learning, Assessment and Evaluation

RM Maths is a fantastic learning tool to aid teachers in developing each pupil's unique ability in numeracy. St John Vianney Catholic Primary School in Blackpool share their experience of RM Maths and reveal how they have discovered the benefits for themselves!
Published 01 February 2006
Siskin School - Success with SuccessMaker Enterprise

Siskin School - Success with SuccessMaker Enterprise

Siskin School - Success with SuccessMaker Enterprise
Published 25 September 2004
Castle Court Prep School

Castle Court Prep School - Enthusiasm for SuccessMaker software

Driving through the Dorset countryside you'll hear the sound of children at play, and sports fields come into view, bustling with activity.
Published 25 August 2004
St Helen's PACE

SuccessMaker software helps "improve motivation and attainment in literacy and numeracy."

St Helen's PACE is a primary pupil referral unit, based in St Helen's, Merseyside, which caters for Key Stage 2 boys and girls who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, often with attendant learning difficulties or underachievement.
Published 25 July 2004

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