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Gosbecks Primary School

CC4 - "I'd definitely recommend it!"

Community Connect 4 (CC4) is the latest evolution of the UK's leading networking solution for education. Developed by RM following feedback from existing Community Connect 3 customers, CC4 provides a flexible and secure network that can be personalised to meet the needs of your school. So how exactly can CC4 make life easier for everyone - for you, your teaching staff, your learners and your ICT team? Read on to find out how schools like yours are using CC4.
Published 13 January 2009
now connecting

Now connecting: Your ICT partnership

We've come a long way since the first keyboards appeared in class. Mick Waters, Director of Curriculum at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority takes a look at the ways ICT began - and now continues - to influence positive interaction between students, teachers, parents and the world beyond.
Published 06 March 2008
community in keswick

The benefits of being CONNECTED

When your catchment area is some 350km2 in diameter, spanning lakes, mountain ranges and more, creating a community between yourself and your feeder schools is hardly going to be easy.
Published 09 October 2007
Monkston primary school

A Pupil Laptop Scheme in Action

On a sunny day in July 2007 we visited Monkston Primary School. On the outside it looks like almost any other primary school, but don't be deceived as the approach taken to teaching and learning in their Year 4 classes is quite unique.
Published 12 September 2007
RM Maths

RM Maths - proven to raise attainment... again!

There are a number of self-directed learning packages on the market, with various claims about the extent to which they can boost children's performance in curriculum subjects.
Published 20 March 2007