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RSA Academy

RSA Academy

The pioneering RSA Academy in Tipton, West Midlands, created its new school building with ICT woven into every aspect. It did so in a close partnership with RM Education, which worked with the school at every level, not just installing equipment but supporting staff and students in embedding technology throughout teaching and learning.
Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School : a fresh and innovative approach.

Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School : a fresh and innovative approach.

Etz Chaim Primary School is one of the country's first 'Free Schools' and opened in September 2011. The Head teachers of the nursery school and primary school have a strong vision for the school and RM Education are working closely with the school to help deliver it.
Apple at Oakmeadow Primary School

Apple at Oakmeadow Primary School

When Oakmeadow Church of England Primary and Nursery School in Shrewsbury decided to buy a selection of Apple equipment for use in school, it chose RM Education to provide it.
The Judd School, Kent

The Judd School describes its move from CC3 to CC4

The Judd School, in Kent, has upgraded from a CC3 to a CC4 network, and finds that its ICT runs much more smoothly as a result.
e-safe education managed service, Blessed Hugh Faringdon

A safer ICT environment at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School

The learning opportunities that technology can offer are huge, but what else are students getting up to online? Read how one school tackled this growing issue.
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