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First £4.3 million School development to open in Stoke BSF

First £4.3 million School development to open in Stoke BSF

The merging of two schools into a brand new development to create a Short Stay school for BESD (Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties) students driven forward by the REACH programme. This school will concentrate on delivering educational content to mainly Key stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students to focus on the skills and access to opportunities to allow each student to become more pro active and successfully work towards their GCSEs and with the aim of aiding a quick return back into main stream education.
Published 23 April 2012
It Systems

IT Systems and RM. Working together to provide the best ICT for schools in Darlington

IT Systems provide a school based, high quality, technical support service to thirty three schools in Darlington, most of which have RM's Community Connect network.
Published 13 April 2010
An effective trial of RM Maths

An effective trial of RM Maths

An effective trial of RM Maths reports a significantly increased attainment in Mathematics.
Published 19 June 2009
RM Maths

Liverpool Local Authority use RM Maths to help under-performing pupils

Liverpool LA ran a project with selected schools to look at Year 6 pupils who were under-performing in maths to see if their performance could be improved through the use of RM Maths and targeted support. The focus was on helping pupils reach their full potential by building their confidence and enjoyment of maths to subsequently improve attainment.
Published 30 April 2009
Solihull BSF Experience - Lessons Learned

Solihull BSF Experience - Lessons Learned

As the first phase of BSF development in Solihull nears its close, there's a chance to reflect on the work completed so far and pick up on lessons learned.
Published 06 October 2008
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