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RSA Academy

RSA Academy

The pioneering RSA Academy in Tipton, West Midlands, created its new school building with ICT woven into every aspect. It did so in a close partnership with RM Education, which worked with the school at every level, not just installing equipment but supporting staff and students in embedding technology throughout teaching and learning.
Published 25 July 2012
Cramlington Learning Village

Personal devices unlock potential

Cramlington Learning Village has equipped each of Year 7 students with a tablet device, leased through RM Education's Personal Device Scheme.
Published 17 May 2012
Maximising parental engagement through ICT

Maximising parental engagement through ICT

Annette Quinn, RM Education Manager for Lambeth looks at the role of ICT in enhancing parental engagement.
Published 17 October 2011
E-Safety Live events "invaluable"

E-Safety Live events "invaluable"

Protecting your professional online identity
Published 10 December 2010
Oldfield School - A lesson in leasing

Oldfield School - A lesson in leasing

RM Rentals provided the solution Oldfield School needed to create a sustainable program of ICT procurement. Oldfield is an outstanding school, according to their Ofsted inspection in 2007. So how did they achieve this, and how has leasing helped?
Published 17 November 2010
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