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e-safe education managed service, Blessed Hugh Faringdon

A safer ICT environment at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School

The learning opportunities that technology can offer are huge, but what else are students getting up to online? Read how one school tackled this growing issue.
E-Safety Live events "invaluable"

E-Safety Live events "invaluable"

Protecting your professional online identity
Gosbecks Primary School

CC4 - "I'd definitely recommend it!"

Community Connect 4 (CC4) is the latest evolution of the UK's leading networking solution for education. Developed by RM following feedback from existing Community Connect 3 customers, CC4 provides a flexible and secure network that can be personalised to meet the needs of your school. So how exactly can CC4 make life easier for everyone - for you, your teaching staff, your learners and your ICT team? Read on to find out how schools like yours are using CC4.

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