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Mandeville Primary School

Mandeville Primary School 'blown away' by CC4

What a fantastic achievement! Ofsted has rated Mandeville Primary School as 'Outstanding' in all areas and they've been supported all the way by RM and a Community Connect 4 network.
An effective trial of RM Maths

An effective trial of RM Maths

An effective trial of RM Maths reports a significantly increased attainment in Mathematics.
RM Maths

Liverpool Local Authority use RM Maths to help under-performing pupils

Liverpool LA ran a project with selected schools to look at Year 6 pupils who were under-performing in maths to see if their performance could be improved through the use of RM Maths and targeted support. The focus was on helping pupils reach their full potential by building their confidence and enjoyment of maths to subsequently improve attainment.
Haydock Sports College

Haydock Sports College think that CC4 has the wow factor!

Haydock Sports College is situated in the heart of Haydock, near St. Helens. Around five years ago the school had a sudden influx of students due to the closure of nearby Parr High School and numbers rose to over 1000. Now student levels have settled at 700 students supported by a network of 300 stations which includes 80 staff laptops.
RM Maths

RM Maths - proven to raise attainment... again!

There are a number of self-directed learning packages on the market, with various claims about the extent to which they can boost children's performance in curriculum subjects.
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